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"It was an absolute pleasure to have been a guest on Let’s Go Win.

What distinguishes JM as a host is that he truly made it feel like a conversation with a friend. He has a gift!"

 Marché Pleshette, Franklin Covey

Drive, Work Ethic & Winning - With Guest Bobby Jackson

Bobby Jackson is a 12yr NBA veteran and serves as the Player Development Coach of the Sacramento Kings. He established the Bobby Jackson Foundation in 2004 that is still running strong supporting the Sacramento community and has the Bobby Jackson Basketball Academy which will open in January. Bobby is humble, transparent and a class act. This episode is full of fun stories about his playing days in the NBA, to lessons he has taught his 5 amazing kids. Hearing his journey is captivating and inspiring.

Giving as I Go - With Guest David Garibaldi

David Garibaldi is an artist and performer that transforms an idea or image and creates something so awe inspiring that it's challenging to put it into words. He is also a man of great depth and knowledge. In this interview you will hear about "turning passion into profit", the importance of self-inflicted growth, and why giving back to the world is part of his DNA. David is a rabid philanthropist and has given millions of dollars to various causes throughout the world.

Raising the Bar - With Guest Nisha Bacchus

What happens when you bring on an attorney who typically asks the questions? In this case, you get some of the most captivating stories imaginable. I was inspired and intrigued as Nisha Bacchus recounted tales of how she became one of the best Family Law attorneys in the Country. It was not a road paved with roses but rather one that required determination and desire. Nisha smiled her way through it and has a unique ability to see the blessings in every adversity she's faced.

Nothing Good Happens in the Comfort Zone! - With Guest Jesse Levine

Jesse Levine stopped by and I had a chance to pick his brain about tennis, coaching, mindset, and what it takes to be a professional. He was ranked the number 1 tennis player in the United States throughout his junior career in under 12, 14, 16, and 18 categories. Jesse was an All American at the University of Florida his freshman year, going undefeated through the entire season, then went on to play in the pros for 8 years.

Don't Just Go Through It, GROW Through It! - With Guest Endyia Kinney-Sterns

Hear how Endyia Kinney-Sterns has shaped and developed television and entertainment that you well know. From behind the scenes she has been influential in some amazing programming. She inspires and makes you want to show up as your best self! Through embracing adversity she continues to come out on top and inspires so many others to do the same.

It's All on Me - With Guest Kevin Lucas

What does pressure feel like when you are standing over a putt that can change your life? Being a Professional Golfer is unique in the fact that they look forward to those opportunities and in fact work hours every day to put themselves in that exact position. Kevin Lucas joins us to talk about the day in the life of a Professional Golfer and so much more. There are lessons learned on a golf course that are so applicable to everyday life.

Don't Wait for Opportunities, Make Them! - With Guest Dr. Bill Dorfman

Celebrity Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman is not your average dentist. He is an inspiring, knowledgeable, transcendent leader. Dr. Bill drops so many nuggets on this podcast that will fire you up, to show up as your best version every day. Hear what "learn so you can earn and then you can return" or "it's not failure, it's practice" means and how you can use these lessons to get better every day. Dr. Bill has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, is an incredible businessman and philanthropist.

How to Live a Fulfilling Life - With Guest Erik Cabral

How many of us can relate to that feeling of being stuck? It's such a defeating feeling to experience and yet we trudge on through life, going through the motions. Erik Cabral was doing the exact same thing and even compared it to the movie Groundhog Day. Erik decided to make a change and to live a life of abundance. His story is inspiring, yet at the same time so relatable and attainable. Erik shares how we can make the mindset shift to live a fulfilling life, how to build a personal brand, and why "Visionaries Need an Integrator".

Language of Leadership - With Guest Gina London

We are communicating at all times. Do you feel like your message is not being heard? For many of us that is the case on a daily basis. This interview is filled with incredible tips on how to ensure you are communicating with purpose to connect and engage with people more positively. What does A.I.M. stand for? Make sure to check out this episode to find out!

Mind, Body and Sport - With Guest Doug Christie

Doug Christie is a 14 year NBA veteran, Co-owner of Triad Training systems, Sacramento Kings TV analyst and radio host on KHTK Sports 1140. Doug is one of the most intelligent, laid back, kind people you will ever meet. Hear his journey of playing in the NBA to what his most important learning moment was, I promise it will surprise you. Doug has so much to offer this world and does an incredible job serving the audience on this episode.

Philosophy Determines Your Outcome - With Guest Oscar Chavez

Imagine having the ability to double your income in the next 90 days or drop those unwanted 20 pounds. The guest I have on today has lost over 150 pounds and helps companies around the world double their income in 3 months or less. The process he uses are simple yet so effective to achieve any goal that you put your mind to. From the B.A.H.O. principle, to having an element of curiosity, this is one show you don't want to miss!

Value Your Yes with Guest Dr. Jessica Houston

One of my favorite things to see in this world is watching someone's weakness become their greatest strength. Dr. Jessica Houston is living proof of that! She grew up with low self confidence and early on, allowed others to take advantage of that. It's hard to imagine, especially when you see this woman full of strength, warmth, and confidence. Dr. Jessica shares her story of transformation and gives tangible tips on confronting mediocrity, key peak performance habits, and how to expect victory.