Transcend in Life Podcast

Transcend in Life podcast is a Peak Performance focused interview show that will guide listeners from fear to freedom. Hosted by Amazon Best Selling Author JM Ryerson with featured guests from all walks of life. Listeners will have fun, be inspired and get equipped with real tools to help them live their best life. Simple, practical steps will be found in each show to help everyone Transcend in Life!

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Leadership for Justice - With guest Leena Bakshi

Episode #6: Dr. Leena is truly a remarkable soul that continues to make the world a better place through her work in education. As founder of STEM 4 Real, Leena and her team drive the opportunities for equity and social justice in the educational system. You won't want to miss her passion or the beautiful way she approaches life!

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The Power of the Storytelling - With guest Don Spini

Episode #5: Don Spini is one of the greats in the modern era of storytelling. Your perception will forever be altered for the better when you hear a story he has never published before. His cool demeanor is infectious as he easily maneuvers topics such as Fear of Change and how to Take Massive Action. The only regret you will have is if you miss it.

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My Favorite F Word - With guest Matt Beaudreau

Episode #4: The world is evolving and Matt Beaudreau is at the forefront of change when it comes to education. Matt is a Keynote speaker, podcast host and CEO of Acton Placer. Listen in for an engaging, educational and inspiring message.

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Don't Just Go Through It, GROW Through It! - With guest Endyia Kinney-Sterns

Episode #3: Hear how Endyia Kinney-Sterns has shaped and developed television and entertainment that you well know. From behind the scenes she has been influential in some amazing programming. She inspires and makes you want to show up as your best self! Through embracing adversity she continues to come out on top and inspires so many others to do the same.

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Faith, Fish and Fun! - With guest Taro Arai

Episode #2: Meet the most joyous man on the planet. This story is captivating, entertaining and inspiring. We should all work to Kaizen (continuous improvement) everyday and Taro explains how he does it.

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How to Transcend! - With guest Lisa Ryerson

Episode #1: Stay at home Mom to Rookie of the Year and now Chief Marketing Officer of Let's Go Win. No matter the size of the challenge, Lisa has always found a way to win. Hear her story and why Let's Go Win is so important to her and how it can help you.

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