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Your search for a ‘motivational speaker near me’ has finally come to an end. 

For over 20 years, mindset coach JM Ryerson has been helping teams, leaders, and entrepreneurs reach their true potential and feel more fulfilled in their lives. His years of experience working with people in every industry has helped him create a dynamic speaking experience for any audience.

Interactive, energizing, and inspirational, JM is an engaging keynote speaker who employs “accelerated learning techniques”. This results in participants learning much faster and retaining more useful information. Participants will gain skills, tools, and strategic and practical knowledge they can easily implement into their lives.

By customizing his high impact speaking engagements to meet the needs and goals of each unique audience, JM integrates self-development and business skills that will motivate, inspire and empower your team’s success. Your organization will be united with a renewed energy that will impact your success in ways that will last for years to come.

Self-development speakers like JM can help individuals at all levels and areas of professionalism, including:

LEADERS – Great companies are made by great leaders. JM will teach the leaders at your organization the skills, tools, and motivation they need to lead with confidence.

TEAMS – Teams are most efficient when they have strong bonds with one another. Through JM’s team-building exercises, your team will learn how to work together better than ever before.

ENTREPRENEURS – Do you feel like you’re stuck or don’t know which direction to take your business? Or that your work-life balance is completely thrown off? JM will teach you daily habits and mindset shifts that set you up for success in all areas of life.

Success doesn’t occur overnight. It takes changes in mindset and daily habits, hard work, determination, and consistency to transform your life. JM will teach you how to make significant shifts in the areas of your life that need work so you can WIN every day.

Virtual sessions now available!

JM Ryerson now hosts virtual coaching sessions! With remote work quickly becoming a new norm, virtual sessions have become absolutely necessary. It’s important to JM that everyone has equal access to his services, so his keynote speeches, one-on-one sessions, and team coaching can now be accessed from the comfort of your home at a time that’s convenient for you.

Virtual sessions benefit you and your coach

  • Coaches can offer their services to organizations and individuals around the world.
  • There is more flexibility when scheduling sessions.
  • Virtual sessions work for in-person teams, remote teams, and hybrid teams.
  • Virtual sessions eliminate the need to travel for a meeting, therefore they have less impact on the environment.
  • Attendance for virtual sessions can be greater than in-person sessions because they can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Don’t wait for a specific training session to come to your town – Join a virtual session right from your desk.
  • Participants have the opportunity to meet people in other industries, from all around the world.
  • Virtual sessions allow people in different timezones to come together and participate.
  • You never have to be late for a session again because of the commute or unforeseen circumstances.

Tips for joining virtual sessions

  • Check your computer’s microphone and camera before joining to make sure everything is working properly.
  • Sit in a well-lit room.
  • Keep your microphone turned off unless you are speaking. This will avoid accidental distraction!
  • Engage with others to get the most out of your session.
  • Have a pen and paper handy to jot down notes you want to remember.
  • Join each session with an open mind and be ready to have some FUN!
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