We chose JM Ryerson’s book, Let’s Go Win for our teams book club! This book was everything we needed to take our leadership skills to the next level! It was simple to follow and we were able to apply some of tips and skills we learned in each chapter. I recommend this book to all of our new teammates to help get them started on their own personal development journey! I love the format and style of this book! It’s one of the best I have ever read! - Jennifer Reid

As an entrepreneur it's easy to over complicate and over think any given situation. JM has an innate ability to make the complicated scenarios seem very simplistic. The more you read the more insight you get on how to use these tools to build, not only a better business, but a better life. - Amazon Customer

I find myself at times struggling to find motivation, to truly appreciate the comforts I’m fortunate to have. Let’s Go Win was an incredible book with insight that is life changing! I am reminded that when looking for motivation, I need to look at both strengths and weaknesses and think more positively about how I can change if I don’t like what I see. Whether that be my perspective or a life change. Self-awareness is a vital key to sustained success and happiness. Let’s Go Win will help you understand this a bit more and see what drives you. - Becks

I have been in business with JM for many years now and have always admired the way he lives his life, the way his glass is always half full, the way he has succeeded and at times “failed forward”. His chapter on culture speaks loudly to anyone that is looking for a life they love day in and day out. - Brittney Mullally

I enjoyed reading this book. It was very inspirational and motivating. The author JM Ryerson wrote this book based off his real life experiences and the knowledge he gained through out his life. He shares this so that we can learn, develop and win to living our best life. I’ve learned quite a few things from reading this book and I plan to apply some of the knowledge I’ve gained into my daily life. I highly recommend this book if you’re looking for something that would inspire you and motivate you. - Irene Fry

Let’s Go Win puts forth a simple strategy to success. The practical applications keep on coming in every chapter. JM Ryerson was able to take his system for success and share how we can make simple, small changes to thrive. - Amazon Customer

What an amazing book! JM captures the innate human passion for success and weaves it beautifully into simple principles and actions. This book is a victory for any reader and will stimulate the courage to believe, pursue, and achieve more. - Krista

JM lays out so many fundamental principles and strategies it’s impossible to not take away value from this book! If you are running a business you are going to have a new mind set and strategy to implement to take you to the next level. If you are a parent, your family is going to benefit from having a more empathetic and loving way of handling all the obstacles you face. Great book to help make your 2020 the best it can be! LET’S GO WIN! - Jason Avery

All I have say is wow!! I have been lucky to know this man personally for over 7 years and what he teaches in this book is truly how he lives his life. I’m not sure how many authors can say that. Go ahead purchase this book you won’t be sorry you did. - Amazon Customer

I couldn’t put it down! Life has been hard, but honestly, this book has helped me find a bit of hope in finding comfort and seeing what I’m doing now is helping and how I can do better. If you really enjoy books that help you build and improve, this is one of them! I put it up there with some of my other favorites like Joanna Penn’s books on entrepreneurship and some of the best books on this topic I read for college. It’s short and sweet, but gives you the boost you need and also just the right amount of “you can do better” from a place of friendship and love, even through the pages. - Amazon Customer

I’ve read them all. Rarely do I find any truly useful and tangible pointers in these books. They all made me feel better, but there was no substance after the initial inspiration. Not the case here. I help run a national sales team. This book gives us a weekly plan to win. So much to talk about as a group. This will move the needle! - Don Spini