Balance Your Life by Asking and Giving

One of the universal truths that I have discovered continuously throughout my life is that balance must be in place to operate at optimal levels. Whether that is work/family, stress/play, and asking/giving. This article will focus on a specific exercise that I have learned to employ daily. That is to ask and give in most interactions. Many of you are having a visceral reaction to that idea because you are uncomfortable doing both simultaneously. Much of the world will give and give and give but the problem is they are reluctant to ask for support.

The challenge that presents is the world is made up of energy and now the balance of energy is out of whack. This will inevitably lead to problems and the giving you want to do will not be received. Stop for a second and think of any relationship that went awry. Yep, the imbalance was present. One party would give and maybe they were even open to receiving but they expected it to come their way instead of asking. The simple act of ask/give can resolve all of this or at least will bring clarity that this relationship was doomed to begin with.


Asking for help is something that a lot of people are just uncomfortable doing. In the interest of keeping this article a reasonable length, we won’t spend a ton of time on why that is (control issues, want to keep a certain image, don’t want to burden others, etc.). The challenge is that it takes away from others wanting to support you. In trying to not act selfishly, that is exactly what takes place. Human beings are wired to want to help others, but they can’t read your mind to know that you could use help. When you ask for help you are creating a win/win scenario as some of the benefits include opportunity to learn, build community, and better health for both parties involved.


The world has historically been changed for the better by individuals that want to give. They saw a problem and created a solution to overcome it. Thomas Edison with the light bulb, Sir Timothy Berners-Lee invented the internet, and Alexander Graham Bell and the telephone. Some of these givers received wealth for their creations but they also received many health benefits. Those include less depression, increased self-esteem, longer life, and greater happiness and satisfaction. Giving feels good and it helps you live a more fulfilling life.

Asking yourself a simple question of “Am I a giver or a taker?”, can lead to substantial changes in behavior. However, asking “Am I an asker or a taker?”, that question can stop you dead in your tracks. If you have never considered that not asking for help is a form of taking from others, then please reconsider. Having balance in your world will bring about peace and wealth that you can only experience when the universe is conspiring to help you. Try the ask/give exercise today and see the remarkable outcomes from it. You will meet friends and create new opportunities. We love to hear from you. Connect with us at letsgowin365 on FB, Linkedin, IG, and Twitter and share your stories of Ask/Give wins or just to say hello!


JM Ryerson is a best-selling author and Performance and Mindset Coach. JM has a question for you. Are you living your best life, and do you feel fulfilled in your goals and achievements? While it’s tempting to say yes, really take a minute to consider what it means to be truly fulfilled. What does that look like to you? Does it match your current environment? As a professional leadership coach for entrepreneurs and executive teams, these are the questions that JM has spent years helping people of all backgrounds answer. His passion to help others succeed at work, at home, and in life is empowering the next generation of business leaders. If you’re interested in pursuing peak performance in both your life and at work, then make a change now.  Stay up-to-date with JM’s latest discoveries through his podcast, Let’s Go Win, and learn more about the power of positive growth.

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