3 Tips on How to Improve Relationships at Work

improve work relationships

We will spend roughly 1/3 of our lives at work.  That is a lot of time away from your loved ones. Certainly enough time that we want to make sure work is fun.  I realize that fun and work don’t always seem synonymous but I believe it’s a choice that we can all make.  One of the best ways to ensure a happy, fun work environment is to have healthy relationships with your co-workers. Here’s how to improve your relationships at work.

Be Positive:

We all have that one friend that calls and you get excited because they truly make your day better and then there is the dreaded phone call from the friend that is always complaining and negative.  So who are you on a day to day basis.  Are people excited to see you come around the corner or are they diving behind the blinds to avoid you?  Positivity is contagious and an extremely attractive quality.

Active listening and open communication:

Learning how to be a good active listener can be a major separator between you and everyone else.  This is certainly a learned skill but requires diligent effort and truly caring about what the other person has to say.  Are you waiting for your turn to talk or are you truly hearing what the other person is trying to tell you?  Once you have mastered this skill then having open, honest communication will be that much easier.  When someone else truly feels heard they are more open to having honest dialogue.  It is such a freeing experience to talk openly and creates the level of trust that can allow for some amazing work friendships.

Encourage, Praise and Recognize (EPR):

Majority of studies show that up to 80% of the American workforce “hate their jobs”.  In related studies, feeling appreciated and recognized is always near the top of most people’s wish list in their jobs.  People want to know that what they are doing matters in this world.  With all of this knowledge at our fingertips, why not take it upon ourselves and tell our co-worker great job?!  It makes them feel good about what they have done and fills your bucket as well by giving praise to that person.  We all can influence and create the culture of our workspace, why not make it a positive and fun environment.

If you are intentional about these 3 tips on how to improve your relationships at work, you will find your work relationships improving and your workday is so much more fun!  The best news is that they are all very simple and easy to do on a daily basis and the reciprocal love is so worth it.



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