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“I realized what it takes to achieve happiness and success.”

As a mindset and business coach JM helped me build my leadership skills and gave me the tools I was lacking to achieve the goals I aspired to. Through his guidance, I realized what it takes to achieve happiness and success. The man energizes and is the real deal!

Joy Eber

Showroom Owner Inside Out

“We were in a tough place 6
months ago…

”There were tempers flying all around. I was amazed at JM's ability to guide that temperature. He created a safe space where he taught us it's okay to be angry, but it's NOT okay to let that anger get in the way of working together to find a resolution. He's got a real gift! It's in his communication style. He's an excellent, excellent listener and he helps you discover what you really want, on your own.

Andy Davis


“He has been 100% a part of
my success”

I can't thank JM enough and am beyond excited to have him in my life. He has been 100% a part of my success now and in the future. I appreciate him helping me take the steps to becoming the best version of myself!

Kevin Lucas

Pro Golfer

“Our team left with inspiration
and vigor”

JM has met with our large, national sales team and spoke on a variety of topics. We found him to be enthusiastic, relatable and engaging. Our team left with inspiration and a vigor that is sometimes lost in the day-to-day grind of outside sales. He is a true professional and an absolute pleasure to work with! We feel very fortunate to have found him!

Heather Bellucci

Director of National Accounts On
Target Staffing

“He really does have a way of bringing people together on a team.”

After working with JM, from year one to year two, my income doubled! This was directly correlated with JM's training. And I've been pretty consistent since then. He really does have a way of bringing people together on a team. He's a really likable, really smart guy who has a deep understanding of how we operate best as a team.

Pamela Altman


“I am so thankful to have JM in
my life!”

JM has helped me a lot! He helped me create lasting daily habits that led me to lose over 50 pounds, invest in myself and become happier. JM showed me that I can improve myself everyday by taking small steps at a time which will lead to bigger strides in life. He taught me how to be committed to my goals and not just interested. I am so thankful to have JM in my life!

Koki Arai


"It was amazing to see the transformation within my teams!"

JM is brilliant, compassionate, and funny! And his personal experience of growth and success is what really transcends him to the top of any mindset coach I've ever worked with. His teachings are all about a work/life balance and it was amazing to see the transformation within my teams after he not only helped them with the keys to success at work, but also at home and in life. There has to be a balance and it's awesome that he gets that! It's been a couple of months since he coached my teams, and I can still see the difference with their sense of excitement, unity and positive attitude. What more could I ask for? I'll continue to use JM to motivate and empower my teams for many years to come.

Taro Mikuni

Chief Dreaming Officer Mikuni Japanese and Sushi Restaurants