Core Values are Everything

One of the buzzwords swarming around business over the last decade has been company culture and values. Why are they so important? What will be accomplished if we define our cultural values?

Quotes to Unlock Your True Leadership

The word leadership is so often talked about and referred to, yet can be extremely hard to define. I define leadership by one word and that is influence. Not all leaders have good intentions and


One of the biggest challenges I see when coaching clients is when people hold on to the past. We have all done things that we are not proud of. Some are certainly worse than others but I think

Regret is a Choice

One of the biggest fears that people have is having regret. Regret is a choice, yet every single person that I have met has experienced regret at some point in their lives.In fact, regret does help us

3 Leadership Qualities You Must Have!

There are so many leadership qualities that are important to develop to increase your leadership lid, but which ones are the most important? That answer will never be universally agreed upon

Lead Yourself First

I was a guest on a podcast the other day and the host asked a simple yet profound question. Where do you start with your clients? The answer is always the same and that is to start with the leader

3 Things I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self

The subject of this blog has been sitting in my idea pile for over a year. Why the wait? As a life philosophy, I don’t believe in regrets. There are things I wish I would have done differently

A Winning Formula

I was inspired to write this blog by two characters. One is a fictional character on a TV show called Ted Lasso.The second is a real-life football coach who is leading the Clemson Tigers football team

Everything R.I.S.E.s and Falls on Leadership

My personal belief is that companies, countries, and even families succeed and/or fail based on the leadership that is in place. The simplest definition that I use for leadership is “leadership is

What Makes a Great Leader and What Are Some Leadership Qualities We Should All Aim For?

When you think of some of the best leaders of all time, who are they, and what are leadership qualities that you look for in them? What attributes did they have? If you search for the definition

L.E.A.D. Your Team Through Adversity

I had a basketball coach that taught us to expect to make every single jumpshot that we ever took. He said, “you should be shocked when it doesn’t go in”. It was extremely helpful in building self

An Excellent Plan to Improve Your Leadership

Every year I set up a plan to improve my leadership skills, because I believe that leadership is an ever-changing area of expertise. There are principles that will stay consistent but the leadership

The Power of Transformational Leadership to Inspire & Motivate Your Team!

Take your leadership to the next level using transformational leadership. In contrast to traditional leadership styles that focus on transactional exchanges and rewards, transformational leadership

Know Your Leadership Style to Help You Achieve Success

Leadership is a critical skill that can greatly impact your career success and the success of those around you. Whether you are a manager, team leader, or simply looking to develop your leadership

Management is Dead, Leading is the Key

As a leader, your ultimate goal is to drive your team to success. However, success doesn’t come from just managing your team – it comes from leading them. By leading your team, you inspire them to